The Olympics are finally here and I’ve been having a blast gawking some of the hottest athletes around. As most of you know I am a complete lazy ass, the idea of me, dating a sportsman is just ridiculous! One time this guys asked if I wanted to go play soccer with him, as a date, I laughed in his face… But looking at the fittest of them all doesn’t hurt, does it? Sadly it does… Every time I see a good looking guy I make a mental note of his name and a reminder to look him up on the internet later on, and almost always when I google his name pictures of his Ugly Sports Face will appear under the images tab.

Here’s proof of some Hot Athletes with USF.

Yahel Castillo


Marcel Nguyen


Bjorn Barrefors


And this is why I do not do sports…

Opaque  by  andbamnan